Fire Extinguisher Recycling

Do you have an old fire extinguisher that is still in good working order? We can come to site (within the Christchurch area) to collect your old fire extinguishers and swap them for recycled fire extinguishers (much like LPG cylinders).

All recycled fire extinguishers are pressure tested and come with a certified label and certificate.

We are excited to be able to provide this eco friendly service, and do our part to reduce the number of extinguishers which are still in perfect working order going into landfill.

Kiwi Hygiene Supplies are an official member of the Fire Protection Association of New Zealand.

Please call us on 021 308 477 or fill out the form below to ask us about recycling your fire extinguishers.  

Do your fire extinguishers need their annual servicing?

 Are your extinguishers older than 5 years and needing a pressure test and certification? We offer a complete service – including onsite servicing and pressure tests and refills.

Please call us on 021 308 477 or fill out the form below to arrange a time.