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LR Disposable Face Mask with Helix wool technology – 2 pack


Disposable face mask with Helix wool technology. Features:

  • Constructed to AS/NZS:1716: P2/N95 level protection
  • Hybrid Twin earloops with tension adjusters or use the clip to wrap around your head to take pressure off ears
  • Air filtering face mask that contains NZ wool
  • Comfortable silicone nose bridge

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Constructed to AS/NZS:1716: P2/N95 level protection

• The same Helix filter technology that is used in the space and aeronautics industry is being used in these masks.

• The Helix breathing resistance is approx 68-100 Pascals unit (vs 240 Pascals unit of resistance in most other masks on the market). A napkin has breathing resistance about 30 Pascals, so 2-3 napkin layers of resistance vs 8 napkins in a traditional mask.

• If breathing resistance is high, then people find it uncomfortable to wear. The exhaled air will always search for the path of least resistance, which results in glasses fogging up.

• The filter inside this mask can remove 99% of 3 microns & 0.3 micron size particles in the air at 95L per min air flow (or “running breathing pace”). Imagine about 1.5L of air per second of breathing, equates to 95L per min. Which means it’s also good for using this mask during exercise/sports

• To give context, 0.3 micron is about the size of viruses (and other allergen particles), 3 micron is about the size of small bacteria. The smaller the particles, the more damaging to health since it can penetrate through cell walls, which is why pollutants have been found inside human body

• Wool can handle moisture, so when you breathe in & out, your face does not feel ‘wet’ from your breath, whereas other masks can feel damp because of ‘condensation’

• Wool filter has a higher dust-loading capacity

• Wool filters have electrostatic properties which capture & holds more particles than conventional filters

• Wool fibres can capture some toxin gases & make them inert / passive

• Wool fibres are naturally bacteria-resistant, ie. bacteria do not like to grow on the fibres


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