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Pullman A-031B 15L Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum


Model A-031B

The Pullman 15L Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum comes with the efficiency and versatility to cater
to any commercial cleaner.
This highly maneuverable vacuum can be used with or without bags for all wet and dry mess,
while an impressive cleaning radius and bypass motor maximize cleaning efficiency.
All these features make this machine ideal for Schools, Motels, Hotels, Offices, Restaurants and


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Motor 1000w
Voltage 240v
Capacity (L) 15L
Noise Level (dBA) 82 dBA
Size Compatibility 36mm
Hose Length (M) 2.5m
Cable Length (M) 7m
Model A-031B
Warranty 1 Year
Features • Cleans up spills, dust & dirt with ease
• Can be used as a bagged or bagless
vacuum for convenience
• 1000W bypass motor for uninterrupted
• 10m cleaning reach for vacuuming large
• Dual castor wheels at the front for easy
directional control