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This service is offered for ABE Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers in the Christchurch area. Located outside of Christchurch? Please contact us.

We are an official member of the Fire Protection Association of New Zealand.

Pressure Test & Refill Service

Both new and recycled extinguishers require an annual service in accordance with the NZ Standard 4503.

If you have a good condition dry powder extinguisher we can pressure test and refill it for you.

Please get in touch to ask us about pressure testing or refilling your fire extinguisher.

Pressure Test & Certification Service

All fire extinguishers have a 5 year life in accordance with the NZ Standard 4503.

You can bring us your old dry powder fire extinguishers and swap them for a recycled extinguisher (much like LPG cylinders), which has been pressure tested and certified. Your recycled fire extinguisher will come with a certified label and certificate.

We are excited to be able to provide this eco friendly service, and do our part to reduce the number of extinguishers which are still in perfect working order going into landfill.

Please get in touch to ask us about recycling your fire extinguisher, or shop online.

Fire extinguisher pressure test and refill service in Christchurch