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Cato Small Plastic Extinguisher Cabinet c/w Hamer


  • Affordable option to protect your extinguisher from the environment and extend product life
  • Reduces vandalism and theft
  • Surface or recessed installation
  • Breakable acrylic window to access extinguisher, no glass
  • Chromium-plated brass cylinder lock and key with weatherproof lock cover
  • Hammer retaining cable
  • Fits 1 – 2.5kg ABE Dry Powder Extinguishers


Kiwi Hygiene Supplies stocks a range of fire extinguisher cabinets to suit our wide range of fire extinguisher models. If you are unsure about which type of fire extinguisher cabinet you need please contact us.

Agent Size Ext Model Heavy Duty
ABE 1.0 Kg E-110 Small
1.0 Kg E-120 Small
1.5 Kg E-150 Small
2.5 Kg E-250 TH0202 Small
4.5 Kg E-450 TH0202 Medium
9.0 Kg AS-423 TH0202 Large
9.0 Kg E-900 TH0202 Large
CO2 2.0 Kg C-204 TH0202 Medium
3.5 Kg C-354 TH0202
5.0 Kg C-504 TH0201
Water 9.4 Lit E-941 TH0202 Large
AFFF Foam 1.2 Lit E-122 Small
2.1 Lit E-212 Small
3.0 Lit E-302 TH0202 Medium
9.4 Lit E-902 TH0202 Large
Wet Chemical 3.0 Lit E-313 Th0202 Large
6.0 Lit AS-260 Th0202 Large
Dry Chemical PK 9.0 Kg AS-415 TH0202 Large


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