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Rubbermaid 18″ 45.7 cm Microfibre Super Scrubber Yellow


The Rubbermaid Microfiber Super Scrubber Wet Pad is purposely designed to help facilities remove stubborn spots and get into grout lines to make it easier to maintain a clean environment.

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Rubbermaid Commercial Products

  • Vertical polypropylene scrubber stripes remove stubborn spots and clean into tile grout lines
  • Double finished edges and colored edge tape help retain product shape over time and provide added durability
  • Tested to withstand 200 launderings to CDC guidelines in hot water (160F) with chlorine bleach
  • Industry-leading loopback is made of 100% polyester and securely attaches to frame, even after laundering
  • Chlorine resistant dye provides superior color-fastness to help cloths maintain color throughout laundering

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