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Wessel werk brush strip carrier 450 Black


“The fastest nozzle in the world”

Carpet nozzle for a fast and efficient cleaning process & the 450mm Brush to maximise all the spaces you need to clean.


SPEED GLIDER – Brush Accessory

Hard Floor nozzle for a fast and efficient cleaning process

The vacuum cleaner nozzle is the optimal solution for thorough hard floor cleaning. Its innovative 450mm width design allow it to effortlessly clean large areas quickly and efficiently. This makes cleaning you day-care, school and large space very comfortable and enables a very fast and efficient cleaning process. With a working width of 450 millimetres, it is the ideal compromise between area performance and comfort.

  • Innovative design
    Optimum dirt absorption
    generous suction mouth for easy pick up of larger particles and coarse dirt
  • Multifunctional
    Designed to work with the Speed Brush in combination for optimal performance.
  • Made in Germany


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